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Tecia Torres Destroys Felice Herrig


Felice Herrig was def a class act the night before weigh-ns, but boy was she out classed when the cage door closed on fight night. Herrig had no answer for Torres' stand up and just as predicted - would take the fight to the ground ... or at least try to take the fight to the ground, but a strappy tornado would not let that happen and would go on to force Herrig to stand and bang. If you managed to catch Torres vs VanZant or Torres vs Namajunas this fight was just like that - really one sided.Torres dominated the cage, controlled her opponent and inflicted her will. There were moments that made for a highlight reel when Torres executed a number of axe kicks as well as a reverse spinning high kick. Herrig escaped by the hair on her chinny chin chin.
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UFC 158 George St. Pierre vs Nick Diaz


So, go ahead and retire and help other members of your team get to where you are and hopefully they don't inherit your poor sportsmanship and lackluster performances. Diaz was given a chance of a lifetime to showcase his abilities and failed. Rogan expressed what Diaz should have been doing throughout the fight and it didn't happen. It wasn't until the third round that Diaz finally defended the takedowns and put together a string of straight punches and knees. Had this happened from the get go, he would have stood a chance.
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Johny Hendricks vs Martin Kampmann: 46 Seconds


In all seriousness, it took less than a minute for Hendricks to land a powerful left straight to his opponent Martin Kampmanns chin . The co-main event was part of UFC 154 headlining George St. Pierre and Carlos Condit in Montreal.

This fight as I mentioned above was extremely short-lived and can be summed up with by a straight hard left executed by Hendricks to the chin of Kampmann. Kampmanm went stiff, hit the mat - while Hendricks cleaned up with an additional punch to end the fight.
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George St. Pierre vs Carlos Condit UFC 154


This fight went all 5 rounds and you could really tell that Pierre seemed out of his element. He had trouble piecing together effective combinations and really finding his range. Those of you who remember the old GSP know what I mean. Pierre failed to capitalize on a number of opportunities to make short work of Condit - but one thing is for sure - Pierre executed great ring control as Condit spent most of his time on the perimeter of the cage. Condit had a chance in the 3rd round to close shop but just couldn't do it...big props for making it happen - but when your dealing with a world class fighter like GSP, you gotta make it count and end the fight, because you will not get many chances like that again.
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UFC 153 Anderson Silva vs Stephan Bonner


If there was one place that Stephan Bonner didn't belong, it was in the cage with Anderson Silva. It reminded me of the Sesame Street "One of these does not belong" game. Stephan Bonner didn't stand a feather in the wind chance at beating Silva. It's just one of those fights that you don't even have to watch to know the outcome. Everyone roots for the underdog sometime and Joe Rogan tried his best to point out why Bonner could come up with an upset.

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Tecia Torres - Hands Like Whoa


Both Torres and Rain made their professional debut Saturday October 6th of 2012 and boy was I on the edge of my seat. I never thought in a million years I would verbally assault my computer monitor in the way I did. I am ashamed. [don' be that guy] Torres dominated the fight for an entire 3 rounds. She displayed veteran like composure, take-down defense and striking combinations. At the end of the night she waked away with a professional record of (1-0) winning all three rounds via (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

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Dana White Embarrassed of UFC 149


MMA fans or more specifically UFC fans are blood thirsty...they want action nonstop. They want you to capitalize on every punch landed, every kick landed and every successful take-down. Faber vs Barao was the main event on the card and was showered with boos. As White mentioned in the post fight press conference, Faber and Barao was a technical fight. It would be uneventful for either fighter to go balls out just to appease the fans. Urijah Faber expressed his feelings about being boo'd bout didn't want to jump around and do something foolish.
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UFC 149 - Urijah Faber vs Renan Barao


Barao's game plan was evident from the get go as it looked similar to the game plan that Aldo imposed on Faber in their WEC faceoff where Aldo took away Faber's legs one kick at a time. Although, Faber says that Aldo's kicks were incomparable to Barao's - you could tell the kicks were effective and starting to take their toll as the rounds led on. Barao stuck to the game plan and imposed his will - Faber found himself dancing more than he was attacking and engaged himself in the tactics that Barao had in store - there were some moments in the fight where Barao would hold out his glove and Faber would do the same. They would pause for a split second or two to see who would attack first and then disengage. This happened a couple of times and seemed odd that Faber would entertain it time and time again as it usually led to a leg kick or strike on behalf of Barao.
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Silva vs Sonnen II - UFC 148


UFC 148 kicked off at MGM Grand Garden Arena with Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen. A lot of people were saying that Sonnen got under Anderson Silvas skin with all the trash talk which caused us to see a side of Silva we never seen before. With respect to such can say Sonnen accomplished at least that much.
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Dan vs Fedor - Bad Stoppage


As a ref, you have to be very attentive to what's going on, if a fighter is unresponsive and is getting pummeled you have to get in there and break it up. Fedor was unresponsive and took two punches to the head, I seen the fight and the replay confirms Herbs stoppage. Safety is the number on key in the UFC and is something that the organization claims to strive for. Herb dean was just doing his job and realized Fedor was done and although it was a short nap - Herb was there to ensure the Fedors safety despite anything and everything some of you believe and fail to comprehend.
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