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What is the prime age in MMA - I mean when do you as a Mixed Martial Artist feel that "THIS IS MY PRIME", because as it seems most of these fighters are beasting between the ages of 30 and perhaps 35. Chuck Liddell is 40 years of age, Mark Coleman is 45 and Randy Couture is 46 and way past their prime. I mean come on, we all know what happens when you fight past your prime and that could be detrimental to ones health. So whats keeping these guys at it. I knew it was down hill for Liddell after he got knocked out by Quinton Jackson at UFC 71 and then Victor Belfort and then Shogun at UFC 97. This windfall of losses had me thinking man you need to hang it the [****] up Chuck.

He will be fighting Rich Franklin age 35 at UFC 115 - originally he was suppose to fight Tito Ortiz but Tito is going through some domestic violence [****] right now which I can only assume to be his reasoning for not taking this fight. Kinda hard to fight from a jail cell I suppose. Maybe he can dap it up with Mike Tyson or something.

Not just picking on Liddell there are a number of MMA fighters that need question what the [****] their doing still in the ring. Mark Coleman gets it, I mean sometimes you have to evaluate and reevaluate where you are and where your going within in your career and the need to make the necessary adjustments.

Don't even get me started on James Toney age 41, WTF is he even thinking and why is he thinking that he can knock heads with the best in the industry [HE WANTS ONLY TO FIGHT THE BEST IN THE GAME]...seriously...who even remembers him as a boxer? I sure don't. Hell, I don't even know why Toney is crossing over in to MMA, I mean honestly if boxers thought they had a chance in MMA they would cross over to MMA. Look at Floyd Mayweather, I am sure he could piece up a number of MMA fighters, but he is too smart. Floyd makes 4 times that of any MMA it would be a bad idea to cross over for the money. "There isn't any - well at least not as much" Perhaps your on to something Toney...the ole bank account is getting low huh...ok ok I get it now.

Dana White is throwing Toney in with the likes of Randy Couture, WOW, not even promote the fight as a super fight? Why let this old bag of dust fight an elite such as Randy - I mean its pretty hard to throw "boxing" punches when your on your effing back. Toney gets to waltz in to the UFC and waalaah you can fight the best, you don't even have to prove yourself. I mean [****] we all know the The Ultimate Fighter could use the extra ratings or perhaps bring back Kimbo Slice and it be Slice vs Toney. I would sell  three of my major organs to witness that fight. Internet Sensation vs Legendary Boxer *cough*.

I believe what makes these guys - at their age - so successful is that with age comes experience. It's this experience and octagon "now how" that keeps them on top of their game - but at the same time these guys need to understand that their time is coming. It's out with the old and in with the new. Jon Jones is already making his way up the UFC charts and is [****] near undefeated. He has proved himself to deserve a fight with at least one of the top 5 in his division. It's these new breed of fighters that's going to put the test to some of the elders of MMA.

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