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Boxing is a Dying Breed!!


This is one of the funniest interviews/debates I have ever seen. This guy Lou is taking everything that Rogan has to say as serious as he possibly if it was an attack. Joe is definitely speaking the truth.
Boxing is a dying breed in that there will be no more Hoyas, Mayweathers and so forth. I believe that 100% because the way MMA is blowing up or at least as it has...any person remotely interested in fighting is going to lean more towards a sport that they feel that they will be more successful. Thats MMA!!
Think about fighting as a means of arsenal, you would think that you would bring as much as possible. For instance, why just use your hands to fight, when you can throw knees, elbows and apply submissions. Boxing in my opinion is boring as [****] and MMA in my opinion is damn good. Lou was asked what he thought of the UFC and he said that he was not a fan of the UFC and that he seems to think that it has a fan base. [BS] Lou knows damn well the UFC has a following and it's way more popular than boxing and shares the same demographic as boxing. If MMA didn't conflict with boxing as far as followings go - Lou would be open arms - but guess what, it does and Lou realizes now more than ever that Boxing will cease to exist to some extent. It's like the internet ruining newspaper companies, it's like CD's replacing cassets and VHS takes, it's like Netflix vs Blockbuster.
How can Lou say that MMA has nothing to do with boxing, I mean isn't a punch a punch in both sports, isn't a bob/weave in boxing the same as that of a bob/weave in MMA? Mayweather will not bring his erse to the MMA scene because MMA fighters train harder than boxers. Anderson Silva, Jon Jones and GSP would all put a hurtin on Floyd "weight classes way off I know", he is a big wuss with nothing tactical to say about the sport but spill out stereotypes that have nothing to do with the question at hand. A fighters persona has nothing to do with their skillset [****]!! Bring that ass on over to MMA and get it taxed.
The guys in MMA chose MMA because they couldn't make it in Boxing - WOW. Heres a news flash Floyd - perhaps they wanted a challenging sport. I guess Floyd didn't catch what happened to Muhammad Ali - as Ali actually lost to a Antonio Inoki. So in all actuality this theory as to which sport would win if they faced off has already been tested. Uhmmm Inoki won Lou!!
This Lou character has nothing intelligent to say about MMA and if you are not a fan of the UFC - the most recognizable organization in mixed martial arts - how can you possibly have anything relative to say about the sport?
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