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Tito 'These Boots Are Made For Walkin' Ortiz


Ok Tito look, your old and it's time to hang up the gloves, with nothing more to offer to the UFC as well as us as your fans. We would respect you more to if you'd come to the realization that your "DONE". Your done...

Dana White has stated that everyone knows what to expect when they get to 4 losses in a row. Tito should expect to get those walking papers as well. It's not that Tito is not a great fighter because he is "just that".

When I heard that Tito was fighting I ask myself "why"... I mean what does he have to prove, then it dawned on me. "Ohhhh he wants to prove that not only can he beat up on his wife, but that he can also beat up the hearing impaired". Now it all makes sense. I think it's down hill from here...I just hope he doesn't take it out on any one. [cough] his wife [cough]. However, he didn't beat up on ole Matt Hamill now did he. I think it's called teacher becomes the student!

Mat Hamil is a heck of a guy, really humble. It's these guys that really make MMA worth watching. Fighters can learn a lot from those who respect the game and the path that has been constructed to allow fighters like Jon Jones and those alike an easier street to walk on - so to speak.

It's just really sad that fighters who have paved the way for others, who have done everything imaginable for the sport and themselves - but just wont call it quits. Randy Couture he is no exemption no matter how great of a fighters he is.

Taking nothing away from Tito - being in the MMA game for 13 years he has made his mark in the industry. With all the injuries and especially the surgeries that he's had - he should consider himself lucky to have made it as far as he has. It's when people don't know when enough is enough that people start forgetting that you even exist.

Just like Rampage Jackson, Tito can chunk this loss up to a poor training regimen, You can't possibly expect to win fights and not put in the work. Half ass training gets you half ass results. Put in the work and you will get the results that you desire, because when your not training your opponent is training that much harder than you are.

The way that fighters are training today, all the fighters who have paved the way need to watch out and especially stay on top of their training game. These young fighters are performing some of the most unorthodox training methods in the world. They are knocking heads off to make their way to the top --->JON JONES. You just wait and see, this dude is going to rock the UFC!!
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[ posted by Craig, 14.11.10 13:48 ]

LMAO but yeah he is getting kinda old...says he still has a lot more fight in him though


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