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Jean Claude Van Damme and Kickboxing


Look it's a bird, it's a plane, awww hell no it's Van Damme attempting to redeem himself after years and years of drug use and life failures. Van Damme is best known for his role in Blood Sport and Kickboxer and will be making his return to the ring some time next year. His opponent is no one other than Somluck Kamsing - humph - "Somluck" Van Damme is going to need a whole lot of that.

The weird and most disappointing thing about this situation is that Van Damme is springing the news on everyone. I would rather hear "first" that Van Damme is training hardcore in his attempt to redeem himself as a "real fighter" not just some actor portraying the role of a fighter. Sounds backwards to me and it makes you think what he was doing when he came up with the thought of returning to the never mind, but in the words of Rick James "Cocain is a Helluva Drug!!! Ah Ah Ah Ah"

More than 20 years has passed by since I've seen or heard anything remotely related to Van Damme. The Nevada State Athletic Commission will probably take that in to consideration as well.

Unlike most of the celebrities in the Hollywood spot light I will do one thing, I will commend Van Damme for first admitting he has no one to blame but himself and secondly for doing something about his image as it pertains to his legacy while representing martial arts - which is something that a lot of us are in the dark about.

Van Damme emigrated to the U.S to become an actor leaving behind his martial arts existence. The respect and notoriety obtained quickly faded away during this transition.

Why the big fuss? When people think Van Damme, they don't think ARTIST they think ACTOR. It is this persona that Van Damme is struggling with. Before his transition to the United States Van Damme had already been competing in combative events in Belgium. His record is said to be 20 and 2 with his 2 losses handed down by a fellow named Patrick Teugels. But still why the fuss? In the United States he is an actor, but in Belgium he is considered a fake and no respect is given towards his accomplishments partly due to his transition from fighter to actor.

The age difference will definitely play a tremendous factor in this upcoming event. Van Damme at the age of 49 and Somluck at the age of 35. That is a 14 year gap. Despite Van Dammes irrelevancy and his obvious mid-life crises it is interesting to know that he still has a huge following...unlike most celebs who fall off the face of the earth and are forgotten about....kinda like Hilton and Lohan.

I do not see it going very well for Van Damme in all honesty. It is one thing to portray a fighter and it is another to actually be a fighter. Just ask Brock "The Turtle" Don't Hit Me In The Face Lesnar. The acting role he's done in the wrestling world really didn't do him any justice. I think Brock sees the punches coming and thinks to himself - oh this won't hurt, it's a fake punch - then POW and there he goes curling up faster than cold air on a ball sack.

Please leave a comment below, I would like to read what you think about Van Dammes decision and whether or not you think it is a good move. Why and Why Not...
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